A quick & easy way to market your business on online directories

A quick & easy way to market your business on online directories

There is an incredible number of directory sites out there for small business owners that are all willing to list your company for free.

However, most SME owners probably haven’t realised how important these sites are for getting their business recognised. In fact, we would recommend having your business listed on as many directories as you can to boost your online marketing strategy, and help as many of your potential customers to find you online quickly and easily.

So why not start now? Here are some key reasons as to why online listings can guarantee your company’s success, with a selection of the main directories to look out for.

Google Power

Search engines recognise each listing you have in the top directories, so it is very important to make sure you have covered a wide range. Since Google is one of the most popular search engines, it is vital you get your business listed at on its main site, Google My Business.

Customers searching your business in the area will then be directed to you via the Google search engine using the power from local searches to link up with Google Maps and direct people to your business.

Make the most of your positive reviews

You work hard to receive encouraging comments and feedback from your customers, so why not share them via a service that includes reviews? Directories and listings are not just a place to fill in your contact details, so sites like Yelp, Tripadvisor and Fourquare can help you encourage potential new customers to try out your business. Facebook is also a great channel to enter details about the company and the reviews you receive.

Use the brands people know and trust

Naturally, customers will be drawn to familiar and trusted brands. While few people now skim through a print copy of the Yellow Pages, they are still using its online version, yell.com, as a trusted recommendation of what’s available in their area. Thomson Local is another popular site for consumers and your business will also be included in its published directory – what a bonus!


Aside from basic company information that all directories and listings need, you can add lots more detailed information and ‘rich’ content, including opening hours, menus, product & service price lists, photo galleries, staff photos, bios and videos.

All content is good content when it comes to online listing information. This will improve signals sent to search engines, and what’s more, it’s free and only takes a couple of minutes!

Keeping all your information up to date, and carefully selecting a manageable number of directories to use, will lead to a higher number of potential customers visiting your website, and you can make sure that your competitors aren’t stealing your thunder.