A Quick Lesson on Basic SEO

A Quick Lesson on Basic SEO

This blog will help you turn your existing website into a fully operational marketing tool. Not only improving your website’s search engine visibility online, but building traffic to your website and converting visitors into customers.

The first stage is to check whether it is achievable with your current website and whether you should use your current website or develop a new website fit for purpose.

Although Search Engines are constantly changing, the overall principles remain the same: It’s all about providing searchers with the best possible, and most relevant, results so that they continue to use the Search Engines. Recently this has evolved, whereby the search engines are not only improving the results displayed but are also considering the users’ experience once they visit the website. This started off by concentrating on the amount of time users spent on the website, but has now become a lot more advanced. This is why the design, and structure, of a website is now very important.

It is important that you can make the right changes to your website. There are quite a few important areas:

Title Tag:

<Title>Title Here</Title>

It is important that you can add or amend this on every page that you wish to optimise on your website. 

Meta Description: 

<meta name=”description” content=”Description here.“/>

It is important that you can add or amend this on every page that you wish to optimise on your website. 

Meta Keywords:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”Keywords here.“/>

This is an item that used to be very important to search engines but isn’t anymore. However, although it is extremely doubtful it will be useful again, there isn’t any harm in adding this.

Heading Tags: 

<H1>Main heading here</H1>, <H2>Sub Heading here</H2>, <H3>Sub Sub heading here</H3> etc.

It is important to include structure on the pages to let search engines and visitors understand the page better. A good way to do this is by using heading tags – in the same way that you would write a word document: A main heading for the page with different variations of sub headings.

Text on the Page: 

Although search engines are improving on the way that they gather data from websites it is still important to have text on the page – the amount of text will depend on the competition however, websites should allow for as much text as possible and the ability for this to be broken up into different sections because you don’t want to just have a page of text.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Design is becoming increasingly important as technology advances. It’s necessary that when people visit your website they get the most from the experience – also Google is driving websites to be mobile friendly and the next step will probably be the provision of a fully responsive site.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed lesson 1 and hope you have enough information here to ensure you are ready to transform your website into an Online Marketing Resource.