Factual Friday – Social Media

Factual Friday – Social Media

The use of social media is becoming increasingly popular within content marketing strategies. According to the CMA (Content Marketing Association) 80% of companies plan to increase its use with nearly half of them looking to increase use up to 50%.

This is likely to lead to increased investment as a result, many are planning invest more in owned social media as part of its growth within their businesses.

The growth comes as marketers increasingly believe social media to be integral o their growth strategies. More thank 69% said that social media channels are a very important part of their content marketing strategies. Almost 90% said that social media has had a positive influence on content marketing strategies.

A further 57% are using it to emphasise their brand messages whilst 21% are using it to build a fan base amongst existing and potential customers.

Facebook was shown to be the most effective social platform for B2C content marketing at 55% whilst for B2B content marketing LinkedIn performed best with 67% saying it was the most effective channel.