How to get NOTICED on LinkedIn

How to get NOTICED on LinkedIn

Here are some simple, yet effective features that all businesses can take advantage of, designed to establish and develop a useful presence for your company on LinkedIn.

1. Make the most of your company summary

Your business page is the first thing a potential client or customer will see. You need it to stand out. Make sure your fundamental objectives and values are clearly outlined. Be sure to use key words and phrases that represent your company, as this will make it easier for people to find your page.

2. Personalise your LinkedIn site address

A website address containing a string of letters, numbers and symbols is never appealing. Why not try personalising your website address to make your objectives clearer. This way it will stand out for your potential customers. For example,

3. Regular status updates

Updating your status is a fantastic way to share new information with people. Try to include things like video where possible, as well as articles and relevant updates. By communicating directly to your potential customers via your LinkedIn page, you are inviting them to actively engage with your business, which could ultimately turn them into your customers.

4. Invite your employees to get involved

Don’t just stop at updating your status. Invite your employees to share it too. By inviting your employees to be directly involved in your LinkedIn page, you are using them as your advocates to spread the word far and wide, so asking them to simply repost content and follow the page is a great way to connect with their connections.

5. Get involved with groups

Explore groups that are relevant to your company and start to contribute information, as this is an excellent way to get your name out there and connect with potential customers or clients. By answering queries and contributing to discussions, you are showing potential customers you are an expert in the field. Once you have done this, why not go a step further and start your own group. Invite the appropriate audience of people to join your group and watch it grow.

6. Share your reviews

If you receive countless positive reviews, then why not share them? LinkedIn is a great place to showcase excellent testimonials about your small business, as people will trust these reviews more than your own words.

These are just a few of the steps you can take towards getting noticed on LinkedIn. Try out a few and see how it works for you!