What is an e-Brochure?

What is an e-Brochure?

e-Brochures (also known as Digital Publications) are a modern way to promote your business whilst offering your customers a way to interact with an otherwise static form of media. Take your existing printed company brochure for example, if this is converted into an e-Brochure, it will offer your customer the chance to zoom, access linked content and watch video. All this, whilst still having the capability to print specific pages.

The e-Brochure is a unique way to promote your business to prospected clients and could help you stand out from your competitors. With this turning page feature, if a prospected customer phones up and requests a brochure, magazine or newsletter – you can simply email them a link or direct them to your website where you can feature a call to action to instantly display your publication.

Benefits of the e-Brochure

Free unlimited distribution: Because the e-Brochure is available online, you can simply send a link directly to a client or add a link on your website and never have to worry about running out of copies.

Cost saving: Eradicate the usual cost associated with printing brochures, magazines, newsletters – there is no need for a printer or courier.

Easily updated: A printed brochure can not be changed once it has been produced, where as your e-Brochure can be easily amended at any time, whether you need to update a phone number or add a new service.

Quality: Because you e-Brochure is on screen, there is no need to compromise on quality. They always look great and the chance of a bad print job is removed!

Interactive: All e-Brochures can be easily embedded to your website to add an interactive element to both your website and current brochure.

Mobile Friendly: e-Brochures can now be viewed on any computer screen or mobile device regardless of size or resolution.

We want to give you the chance to experience a ‘Digital Publication’. Upload your Brochure, Catalogue etc. and we will produce for FREE as a demonstration for you and your colleagues to review.

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