Why Everyone Should Be Doing Facebook Video Ads!

Why Everyone Should Be Doing Facebook Video Ads!

Over 4 billion video views per day!

75% of those views come from mobile devices

When you think of video, do you think of huge professional camera, actors, film crew and funding? Fear not! With Facebook video ads they don’t need to be polished and 100% professional, as long as you give it a go!

Below are a few facts on what you should be doing to create the most efficient video ad for your business:

  • Have a short amount text next to the video explaining what it’s all about – this is important!
  • Don’t make the video any longer than 2 minutes!
  • Point out the benefits of the product or service you are advertising.
  • Tell your audience who you are, why it’s important to you and  why they should choose you!
  • Always think about how you can entertain and add value to the video while constantly representing the product.
  • Always have a link present for the viewer to click through to your website or product.
  • Catch peoples attention within 3 seconds of the video, visually.
  • Make a promise to viewers – help them to achieve what they want.
  • Most importantly give a clear call to action!

They are small and simple, but these tips are key to increasing your Facebook reach and to engage with your followers! Grab your smart phone and start recording! What are you waiting for!