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About Us

A little bit more about where we started...

We are first and foremost marketeers. Our stock in trade is increasing the profitability of our clients through effective marketing techniques.

Despite the fact that even now many businesses are confused by how the internet can be used effectively as part of their marketing armory, we realised early that in essence the internet is just another marketing channel. It shouldn’t, just because it involves computers, be viewed as a technical discipline, but a marketing tool to be used as part of an overall marketing strategy.

We bring our wealth of marketing and sales experience to bear in helping businesses place the internet at the centre of their marketing operations.

We don’t do anything without discussing with our clients in detail how their online activities should fit within their overall commercial activities.

We’re approachable and helpful and are always keen to talk, so if you’ve been looking for a business that can genuinely make sense of the internet for you then please ring either Richard or Russell on 01565 740165 for an informal discussion to see if we can help.

We’re plain speaking, and talk solid commercial language rather than 'geek-speak'.

About Us

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