2 trends you won’t be able to ignore in 2016

2 trends you won’t be able to ignore in 2016

Marketing is a channel which is constantly being analysed and predicted. Marketers want to know what will happen next, they want to know how they can succeed. As the year draws to a close, we look ahead to 2016 and share what could be 3 big game changers for the future of marketing.

The need for good content

Already very important to brands and their websites, the value of content will continue to grow throughout 2016. BUT it’s not just the written content that will dominate in the coming year. More visual content, such as pictures and videos will becoming increasingly popular as brands come up with more creative and innovative ways to attract customers.

In the age of the 24-hour news cycle and instant information, the speed which brands are able to create and upload content to the websites will play a huge part in how successful they are. If they can get news before their competitors it is more likely they will be found when the subjects are searched.

It is likely that user-generated content will become increasingly important than ever before. Online blogs, social media posts and tweets; these are all forms of user generated content that can influence a prospects view of a brand. If you want to make the most out of your content and create a positive impression of your company, co-creation of content between brands and consumers will be essential.

Genuine relationships through customer engagement & retention

Nowadays in order to construct a positive relationship with customers more and more engagement is expected. They are searching for ‘genuine’ companies, who offer real value rather than just speaking meaningless rubbish. Businesses that look after their customers will find that it is more than likely they will return again and again as they feel looked after and valued.

These genuine companies aren’t just focused on attracting brand new customers; they also focus of retaining their existing customers and find a way to rewards them. Basic level research will allow you to see that businesses need to tailor their retention plans to suit the individuals they are aiming this at to succeed.