2017 Top Tips For Marketers

2017 Top Tips For Marketers

Successful content marketers experience 7.8x more website traffic than businesses that don’t produce quality content

While high-quality content is difficult to produce without the skills and knowledge, the outcomes of it can be very rewarding. People who succeed at becoming leaders in the world of content marketing are producing compelling and engaging content. The results speak for themselves as they experience drastically more site growth than their competitors by understanding what their readers find valuable.

51% of businesses are dedicating more of their budgets to mobile content publishing

Mobile devices have revolutionised how we consume content, more customers are reading from their smartphones throughout the day and snacking on short snippets of relevant content. Businesses are spending more of their marketing budgets on mobile marketing by optimising web pages for users and deploying mobile apps to enhance engagement, build loyalty and drive sales.

73% of major organisations hire someone to oversee their content marketing strategy

A defined strategy and the right person in place for a content marketing plan can make all the difference in achieving ambitious commercial targets. To ensure success, that means either hiring a content marketing specialist or assigning responsibility and roles within the business to help deliver on key content marketing objectives.

29% of content marketing leaders systematically reuse and repurpose their content

Content marketers repurposing their content are making sure they get the most out of the time invested into content production. By repackaging old content such a blog posts into infographics, videos and newsletters they can make the most out of reusing their popular content into a variety of formats.