Handling your company Social Media through Christmas & New Year

Handling your company Social Media through Christmas & New Year

You’ve worked hard all year (well, most of the year). Surely you’re allowed to switch off completely over the holidays – including taking a break from your social media campaign?

Unfortunately, the answer’s ‘no!’. We recommend that you never allow your social media to fall completely silent, even over the Christmas break (Thats when most people will be on it!).

Nowadays, when many of us are social media addicts, you can safely assume that many of your customers will be online often, even if they’re not in the office. If you’re selling directly to consumers, this might actually be a busy period for you. Therefore a 2 week gap will be no good!

So, how can you keep your social media going while still enjoying your holiday to the max? Here are our top tips:

1. Schedule some updates ahead using Hootsuite. That way, you’ll still have a presence even if you are not manually updating your accounts.

2. Not everything you post has to be completely fresh. Put together some round-ups of your best material from the last year.

3. Stick to lighter material. Even if your client is checking their Twitter feed on their iPhone during Christmas lunch, they’re probably still not interested in a heavy analysis of trends in your industry, add something light hearted, something they’ll find interesting!

4. Make sure that someone from your company is monitoring your social media for comments every day. Clients can still post queries and criticisms – and are unlikely to want to wait until January for a response. This is doubly true if your social media is regularly used for customer service.

5. If you do decide to abandon social media after all during Christmas,  Ensure that your contact details are clearly visible, in case anyone needs to reach you urgently.

And above all – if you’ve had too much to drink on Christmas (or New Year’s… or any other day for that matter) – stay off your social media accounts! You do not want to be the crisis your senior team member has to deal with…