Page Content

Since search engines are increasingly placing more emphasis on content, and in particular text, it is very important to include a considerable amount of text on your pages.  However, it is even more important that visitors have a good experience when visiting your website, so the quality of your content and relevance to your prospective customers is of paramount importance.

The competition should be taken into account when writing text for pages. The more competitive the phrases are, the more text should be written on the page.

It is important that this is well written, unique content. This content is not only important to improve search engine rankings, but will also help drive sales or enquiries. The prospective customer needs to be drawn in by the content, it needs to be relevant to what they are looking for. There is no point in cramming lots of keywords onto you homepage because if they land on there and not the product/service they are looking for it is likely they will just bounce straight off.

Ideally this text should be broken up into short paragraphs which will help capture and maintain the visitors attention. Writing the text in this way will also allow the inclusion of keywords in the sub headings. Imagery is also key.

Ideally this text should be as near to the top of the page as possible and the first paragraph should contain the keywords as soon as possible.

The text should also be used to prompt visitors to contact you, it is a good idea to have this type of prompt/call to action in the first paragraph and last paragraph on the page. This is text such as ‘call us now on:…..’, ‘contact us for more information’ (contact us is linked to your contact page) etc…