Why You Should Be Using Digital Games In Your Content Marketing

Why You Should Be Using Digital Games In Your Content Marketing

Content marketing, can be dull…

There are heaps of content marketing out there that is:

– Identical
– Duplicated
– Stagnent
– Lifeless

Most content out there doesn’t stand out, let alone generate much interest, engagement and convert your visitors into leads!

You NEED to stand out…

All marketers operate with limited budgets, so we need to make sure that what we do will make an impact!

Other than having a larger budget than you competitors, being innovative and thinking outside the box about how you can use content can increase your chances of standing out of the crowd.

HTML5 web games are now being used by businesses to help them stand out and convert the ‘players’ into leads and customers.

Using HTML5 web games

People like games, games are fun…

For a mobile audience, games are perfect as they take up a significant percentage of mobile phone usage, so using them as an advertising tool makes sense.

HTML5 web games are also perfect for audiences across digital platforms including mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop. This makes them shareable across different apps and channels which can be cost-effective.

HTML5 games are a rich-media format that can be used as playable ads, embedded into apps, websites and Facebook.

Games are better than your average content therefore people want to engage, they get excited…

You can then ask them to enter a competition, click a link or download. This can contribute to the increase in conversions and click through rates on your website.

Games can also be used to incorporate what your brand is about, It can convey brand messages and promote product ranges.

Can my industry/company use games?

Games are not only appreciated by the younger consumers in the market, they have also successfully been deployed by B2B companies at exhibitions, financial services, hardware manufacturers, retailers, IT and telecoms businesses.

Even if you don’t like the idea of using games, remember: your target market likes having FUN!

FACT: The average age of a gamer is now in their mid thirties, therefore the use of games in marketing will only increase in the future.