A Guide to Launching New Campaigns on Social Media

A Guide to Launching New Campaigns on Social Media

Top tips when launching a social media campaign:

1) Be authentic – not promotional

Avoid appearing overly promotional, because it won’t appeal to consumers and definitely won’t engage them to follow you. Instead try to tie your content into current events or cultural moments that are of interest to your audience. Not only responding to national holidays and cultural moments, but the thoughtful brand should also be in tune with major events happening across the news cycle, with an in-depth understanding of when it is and isn’t appropriate to chime in.

2) Have a relatable hashtag

The name of the game in social media branding is subtlety. It’s unrealistic to expect even the most ardent brand loyalists to frequently tout your brand’s slogan in hashtag form. But by adopting more universal hashtags a brand is able to build a community around shared values.

3) Include a call-to-action

As social media marketing becomes more and more sophisticated, brands need to be thinking beyond gathering likes when creating a strategy for building engagement. Successful brands always try to include a call-to-action in their posts to activate their followers. Whether that’s “go to our site for more info” or “follow us for updates”.

4) Reward & recognise contributors

Run a contest or competition around a campaign hashtag with prizes and experiences as rewards. In this way brands are able to incentivise engagement, and improve loyalty, whilst capturing data on all participants.

5) Call-out collaborators or partners

Collaborate with creators that share a slightly overlapping fan base. Thanking your collaborators shows appreciation and strengthens your relationships, it also allows you to tap into their existing follower base that can help you build yours.