Advertising On Twitter – Twitter Ad Types

Advertising On Twitter – Twitter Ad Types

You have a choice between several different options if you a looking to pay for advertising on Twitter.

  • Promoted Tweets, Followers (Promoted Account), app installs or engagements, or video  views on Twitter.

When deciding between the options, think about what your goal is. Do you want people to view your blogs or visit the webpage? Promoted tweets are your best bet. Do you want to increase brand awareness by getting people to follow your account? Go with the Followers (Promoted Account) option.

Promoted Tweet

A promoted tweet can either e a tweet that your account has already created before and which you can pay to promote to a wider audience on the network (similar to how a boosted post works on Facebook). A tweet designed specifically as an ad that will appear in users’ new feeds and search results but not your own Twitter account (like a promoted post on Facebook). With the latter option, you can use a specialised tracking token on the URL, which will help you identify how many website visits and leads came from paid channels.

Followers (Promoted Account)

By choosing the followers option, a link to promote your account, rather than a tweet to promote a separate URL, will show up in your users’ timelines. You have 140 characters to make your account seem worth following – so make it count!!

Apps or Videos

The other two options are app installs or engagements as well as video views. The former is a good choice for mobile advertising if you have an app that you would like to promote, while the latter is used to get views on a promoted video.