Client Focus: Hummingbird Hearingcare

Client Focus: Hummingbird Hearingcare

Our relationship with Hummingbird Hearingcare began when they reached out to us, attracted by our proximity to their head office in Tarporley, Cheshire. However, over time, our collaboration has blossomed into a strong and ongoing partnership that continues to thrive.

During our initial discussions with Hummingbird Hearingcare, we took the time to understand their brand and their unique requirements. It became clear that their existing website needed a refresh to align with the image they wanted to convey to both new and existing clients.

Once we had a clear understanding of their vision, we set out to recreate their website, ensuring that the content and design effectively reinforced their brand identity. Through careful collaboration and feedback, we successfully developed a website that met their expectations and showcased their expertise in the hearing care industry.

With the website in place, we moved on to creating a range of supporting stationery and marketing materials for Hummingbird Hearingcare, including letterheads and tri-fold leaflets. These materials maintained consistency with their brand, ensuring a cohesive and professional image across all touchpoints.

In order to bolster their brand presence and reach a wider audience, we implemented various marketing techniques. Firstly, we established a strong and consistent social media presence, positioning Hummingbird Hearingcare as a leader in their field and setting them apart from competitors. Additionally, recognising the importance of offline marketing, we secured regular features in local magazines to keep the company at the forefront of potential clients’ minds.

Given the collaborative partnerships that Hummingbird Hearingcare has forged with various opticians in the Cheshire and Manchester area, we adapted and designed specific sections of their marketing materials to incorporate dual branding. This approach reassured potential clients of their trusted partnerships and enhanced their credibility.

As a result of the success achieved through our initial work, Hummingbird Hearingcare remains a valued client, and our collaboration continues to thrive. We work closely with them on a monthly basis, continuing to build upon the foundation we have established. This includes further advancements in areas such as email marketing and pay-per-click campaigns, ensuring sustained growth and positive outcomes for their business.

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