Client Focus: Tourguide Systems

Client Focus: Tourguide Systems

We have had a longstanding partnership with Tourguide Systems, starting from their brand development as a trading style of Apple Sound Ltd. Our collaboration began by creating a logo that accurately represented their products for both the hire and buy industries.

As part of their marketing strategy, Tourguide Systems approached us to build their initial website, aimed at attracting a targeted customer base in the audio solutions market. They desired a professional and strong online presence that would showcase their position in a competitive industry.

The primary goal of the website was to drive customers towards the products available for both hire and purchase. During this initial phase, Tourguide Systems utilised our business support package, entrusting us to handle their marketing phone calls.

As the company grew and expanded, we met with Tourguide Systems to discuss the next steps in advancing their website to cater to their ever-increasing customer base. Recognising the importance of mobile accessibility, we ensured the new website was fully responsive, allowing them to reach a wider audience and deliver clear and concise information.

Furthermore, we integrated their preferred CRM system, streamlining the process of updating and featuring new products. This approach not only saved their team valuable time but also allowed them to allocate resources more efficiently to other areas of their business.

Our collaboration with Tourguide Systems began with brand development and logo design, followed by the creation of their initial website. Over time, we have continuously worked together to enhance their online presence, including mobile responsiveness and seamless integration with their preferred CRM system. Our partnership has evolved alongside their business growth, and we look forward to supporting them further in their journey.

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