Graphic Design Tips and how to Successfully Apply Them to Your Business

Graphic Design Tips and how to Successfully Apply Them to Your Business

Have you ever found a lovely, professional design and thought “I could do that, it’s easy” and then wondered why your effort doesn’t look as good? For some reason, you’ve not quite managed to hit the nail on the head?

It turns out, there’s quite a high level of skill involved in being a graphic designer and not every can sit down at a computer and produce original, inspiring designs.

We thought it may be beneficial to our clients (and hopefully some new clients, we see you lurking!) to explain some basics that we consider when producing designs!


Colour is so important when piecing your design together. You want to ensure that the colours in the colour palette you choose for your design are complimentary and work well together.


The scale of the different elements in your design will have a huge impact on the user experience. Playing with the scale of headlines and call to actions will allow you to set a focal point, drawing the users eye to the most important parts of your design.


When producing a design, consider the shapes that you’ll include. They not only produce space for your design, but they also produce space around them. Both shape and space are vital aspects of graphic design that are crucial to the users experience.


Think of alignment as the invisible axis that runs down your design. Generally thought of in regard to text and typography, but it’s as important for everything else in your design.


The empty parts between the elements in your designs are as crucial as the wording contained within it. Consider what you’re including in your design and the space it creates around it. Let your designs breath. If your latest news section is crammed full of elements, it’s likely that nobody is going to be able to navigate through and see the news that you want them to see.

Give the Dog a Bone can Help you and Your Business

If you apply all the above to your projects, you should end up with a better design. If you’re having trouble getting there, then you can let Give the Dog a Bone help.

We’re a team of experienced designers that take all this and more into account when producing designs. Feel free to get in touch today and speak to a member of our experienced team.