Create a Facebook Content Plan…

Create a Facebook Content Plan…

…that Maximises Your News Feed Exposure

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to boost your business on Facebook!

There are 40 million active business pages on Facebook, which only 2 million actively advertise.

  • Facebook is not only over taking youtube for video, but taking over for email and television (by 10 times).
  • Mobile video is due to grow 55% each year until 2020.

Due to only 1-4% of the content being seen you need a strategic content plan which includes:

  1. Use an editorial calendar so that your plan stays in place and someone is constantly on your social media channels.
  2. Post compelling stories and customer experiences.
  3. Encourage people to visit your website.
  4. Build your website custom audiences.
  5. Amplify content – pay for reach
  • Posts on Sunday receive 52.9% more interactions than the usual Facebook post.
  • Posts 10-11pm have 88% more interactions.
  • Image posts have 179% more interactions.
  • Video posts have 89.5% more shares on average.
  • End posts with a questions – 162% more interactions.
  • Posts with 150-200 characters are more likely to get shared as they are short, sweet and to the point.
  • If these posts link to long form content they are have 40% more interactions.
  • Post outside of business hours.

There are several different types of content including: video, status, links and photo – 65% of the audience are visual!

The purpose of the content should be to inform, entertain and getting existing and new customers to take actions, for example, visit your website, or fill in a form to capture data.