How to make the best of your website

How to make the best of your website

Offer quality content and services:

  • Users know good content when they see it and could potentially direct other visitors via blogs, social media, email etc.
  • Creating compelling, useful content and information is likely to influence your website more than many other factors.
  • Consider the words visitors on your page may use – someone with a lot of knowledge on your content are likely to use different keywords in their search than someone who is not familiar with the content.
  • Think of a service that no other websites and competitors offer. Many other sites may not have the capability and resources to do these things.


  • Write easy-to-read text.
  • Break up content into logical chunks for visitors so they find it faster.
  • Update content regularly – this keeps existing visitors interested and brings new ones in.


  • Write sloppy text with spelling and grammatical mistakes!
  • Just throw a load of text/content onto a page without headings and paragraphs.
  • Insert unnecessary keywords aimed at search engines rather than visitors.