Improving Customer Engagement via the Mobile Phone

Improving Customer Engagement via the Mobile Phone

The mobile is a powerful tool: 4.8 billion of the 6 billion people on the planet have one with 90% saying their phone is at arm’s reach for 14 hours of the day.

Therefore it makes sense that businesses are seeking ways to utilise this small handheld device in communicating with their customers. Yet, some are not effectively using this technology and risk alienating their customer base and pushing them to their more savvy competitors.

What measures can be taken to dramatically improve response rate and to avoid alienating your customers? With a array of technology, it is possible for marketers to easily and seamlessly deliver carefully customised messages, across multiple channels, designed to arrive at the optimal time, place, and format to stimulate a positive response from customers.

No Spam!

No one wants to receive irrelevant marketing messages – whether through online marketing campaigns, emails or via SMS messages. One of the biggest mistakes they are making today includes spending on untargeted bulk mobile marketing communications that are perceived as spam and are likely to be automatically deleted. The key to more effective marketing campaigns and promotions is through better targeting and personalisation. Bulk messages can been seen as junk and is likely to annoy the customer receiving this!

Be Personal 

You also need to understand your customers’ likes, dislikes and preferences. Some of this can be gleaned using information held on record from when they opted in to receive notifications and what forms they have filled in on your website. The extent to which you can create and use this big data is endless. You need to make sure that you do not bombard your customers. Monitoring what they look at on your website may help you understand their buying pattern and for future reference when you send out a marketing email or SMS.

It’s perfectly possible for marketers and brand owners to increase revenue, reach, and operational efficiency by thinking differently about how they engage with customers via mobile. With the possibility of engaging with customers on their own terms, it is likely that you will receive a more positive response, resulting in the retention and engagement of your customers.