Keeping your Digital Customer Happy!

Keeping your Digital Customer Happy!

An experience that leaves people happy and fulfilled should be your number one priority for any marketing agenda!

With customer satisfaction, or rather dissatisfaction, carrying ever more influence, there is no room for slack and so much room for improvement. We’ve all read some less than flattering reviews. Great unless your client or business are under fire!

We can make sure the our online offering is what customers want and need! Here are a few ways to do that:

Don’t be pushy

Nowadays there is a fine line between offensive and effective advertising. We expect to see advertising everywhere, especially on social media news feeds, but too much can be a huge turn off. Web users dislike is not just on social media, it is pretty much universal. So whatever your company or client does it pays to make posts and adverts count. The message should be appealing to potential customers not scaring them off!

Fast-loading website

What if you had to wait to longer than two seconds to walk through a shop door. You wouldn’t want to shop there would you? This is just the same as a customer online too. If you website is too slow people will turn away which accounts for a big chunk of lost sales and revenue. Keep them waiting longer than they want to and they may well abandon your website altogether, opting for competitors speedier alternative.

Be content smart

Email marketing can be extremely effective in exposing your brand to new audiences.. only if the content of the email is relevant to your target readers. It is more than just sending out a newsletter en masse, it’s about being confident that you understand your audience and are able to help them in what you provide for them. Make your content entertaining and engaging to read. Not only will this build a sense of trust but it further increases the likelihood that they will click through to your website to find out more. Offer practical or insightful advice that people can actually use to ensure users will leave happy and not go to your competitors.

Chill out with the data capture

Customers are smart. They know when you are trying the drain information from you! You are not expected to give huge amounts of unnecessary details when you are in a shop and neither should you when you shop online.

Making people ‘register’ to make a purchase can be hugely off-putting. The thought of more of your details being held by companies can expectedly turn people away. Being offered the option to complete a sales without any of that hassle can seem a lot more appealing to customers (and they’re likely to come back)! Just let people tell you what you absolutely need to know.