Keyword Analysis – Choosing the best key phrases for your website

Keyword Analysis – Choosing the best key phrases for your website

Finding the right/best key phrases for your website is an extremely important part of SEO and arguably the most important activity you will undertake on your website.

Ranking for relevant and correct keywords can either make or break your website. This is not simply a case of finding the phrases with he highest search volume, but finding the best  possible phrases to ensure that you are bringing the correct type of traffic and prospective customers to your website.

Here are a few ways to ensure that you can choose the best key phrases for your content.

What are your prospective customers search terms?

The first stage is to try and put yourself in the shoes of the people you are trying to attract to your website – whether it be customers, clients, partners or others. There is a basic initial question: What would they type into the search engine if they were looking for you and your products or services?

Creating the content to go with your keywords 

It is extremely important that the content on your website is relevant to these keywords and it all makes sense. You may have to write new pages which, also, obviously have to be relevant to your company. However, we recommend working with your existing pages, and content, before then creating more.

are your keywords relevant?

Now that you have a list of keywords which should have relevant pages and content on your website. The next part of the process is to then search for these keywords in Google and view the results. Here you are looking to see if the websites shown are relevant to you and are companies you should be competing with. If they are then these can stay in the list. Also this is an opportune moment to see what keywords your competitors are using, seeing if they are relevant and possibly adding them to your list. If you add any, search for them on Google again to make sure.

A simple way to find more keywords 

Although there are many different useful tools out there to find related keywords, here are a couple that GTDAB would recommend.

SEM Rush who offer a free basic platform. We would recommend using this platform, it’s key in helping you with SEO and ranking software.

We also use Linkdex to aid us in research and choosing relevant keywords. This enables us to track competitor performance and shows us what they are ranking for which is vital to giving us a chance of competing with the competition in the market. This is not a free platform.

Search Volumes

By this point you should be satisfied with your list of keywords, so now is the time to see if they are searched for. SEM Rush shows search volumes – these are taken straight from Google. Linkdex also has the facility to do this.

This is only a brief overview of a keyword strategy for beginners. This should give you a good list of keywords for your website and will stand you in good stead to get started. 

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