Looking to create a consistent social media presence?

Looking to create a consistent social media presence?

As a company, it’s likely that you already have 101 tasks to complete day-to-day, so finding time to manage a social media strategy can sometimes be tricky.

No doubt, you’ll be looking to improve your footprint in the world of social media, because that’s what everybody seems to be doing – including your competitors!

So, to help get you started we’ve created a short checklist for the most popular platforms to get you on your way.

Don’t let us fool you, it’s very difficult to make sure that you stick to this sheet everyday, we struggle ourselves amongst working for our clients, but we know that if you can implement just a selection of the tips when possible, it’ll still be more effective than neglecting to promote your company via social media altogether.

Click the link below and keep a copy to hand to follow our easy-to-adapt suggestions to create a stronger presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and across your blog.


Download our Social Media Presence Checklist