New Year, New Website!

New Year, New Website!

Your website is like an ongoing conversation with your audiences. It’s the 24/7 face of your business, so it should always be communicating and representing you in a powerful manner. Taking some time every now and then to evaluate how effective it is can make all the difference between capturing attention or losing potential customers!

Websites have front and back end elements that influence their performance. It’s important to consider both when you’re thinking about the possibility of a redesign.

The front end is all the copy, design and other content which creates a compelling user journey that converts users into customers and prospects into clients. The back end is the technical architecture of your website. It helps you do things like update and manage content and improve search engine optimisation.

In this article, we explore potential issues with both the front and back end components of your site to help you determine whether you need a full overhaul. Here are a few signs you might need to redesign your website in 2023.

What do you need your website to accomplish?

Your website should be custom-tailored to your business goals. Whether you’re aiming for direct sales, or offering a hub of educational content surrounding your brand, there are specific design considerations that need to come into play first and foremost. With the right balance between functionality and aesthetics, success can optimally be achieved regardless if it’s an eCommerce store selling commodities or a non-profit striving towards increased member participation.

If your website isn’t designed to serve your business goals, you will ultimately be disappointed in the return you get on your investment. At Give The Dog a Bone, all our our creative work is informed by your business goals. We want to know what you’re trying to accomplish as a business, how you’re going to measure it, and how our team can build a site that delivers to those goals.

If your website isn’t bringing in sales, showing up on search engine results, or accurately reflecting the services you provide and value of your business offerings; chances are it’s not hitting its targets and needs to be revamped.

Your website is slow

As a user, nothing is more frustrating than a website that doesn’t load quickly. Users usually won’t wait around in hopes that a website’s experience, design or content will make up for its slow speed. In fact, Google research shows that approximately 53% of users leave a website that takes longer than three seconds to load.

Having a slow loading website could be indicative of more than just heavy traffic. Poorly-built infrastructure on the back end could also lead to sluggish performance, so it’s critical for web developers and owners alike to ensure their sites are constructed with efficiency in mind!

If your website isn’t as fast as it needs to be, you’re undercutting the work you did from a strategic and creative perspective. You’ve likely put in lots of time and effort in those areas only to end up with sub-optimal results because the pages load slowly.

A slow load speed will also negatively affect your search engine rankings. Search engine optimisation is important because high rankings help clients find your company online, drive organic traffic, and help establish you as a leader in your field.

Your site isn’t mobile responsive

According to 2021 research, mobile devices make up 54.4% of global website traffic. It’s critical that you prioritize the mobile experience as much as (if not more than) desktop. This doesn’t have to be a difficult or cumbersome experience or even a separate design. In fact, creating strictly mobile website designs are a thing of the past.

Responsive web design takes the hassle out of managing multiple websites for different devices. It allows sites to be fluid, adapting its contents and design elements depending on what device it’s loaded from – creating a seamless experience regardless of whether you’re using your desktop or mobile phone.

It helps future-proof your website against a flood of endless new devices or screen sizes. This saves time and budget in the long run. It makes it much easier to manage content. You update the content once and it scales based on whatever device is being used. And from a search perspective, Google demands it. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly it will be penalized in the rankings.

Your website design is outdated

As functional as a website might be, the visuals really matter. Users associate the visual appearance of a company website with the quality of its products and services. 

That’s why you don’t want your website to include nothing but text, a few hyperlinks, and some poorly scaled images. A user’s first impression of your site will be visual, and you should take the time to make sure that impression is great. 

Get your website designed with the help of a expert web development and design agency. They will create an impactful digital presence, transforming your brand into something visually stunning that engages viewers effectively.

Your website is an integral part of your brand, so it’s important to seek out partners with the expertise and creativity required to make sure that visual representation truly shines. Partnering up with a web development and design agency or creative pros can ensure you get the most compelling look for your site.

You should also consider how modern and sleek your competitors’ websites are when compared against yours. This is something that we always take into account when we work with clients. What is the competitive landscape from a visual perspective?

The truth is that the bar keeps getting higher and higher for web design. And a user will always gravitate towards an elegant and professional website over an archaic relic of the early internet.

If you have a project that you’d like to discuss with us, then get in touch today for an informal chat with a member of our team. We’re on hand to help you and your business grow online.

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