The rise of the e-brochure

The rise of the e-brochure

Unless you have had your head in the sand for the past few years you will have heard of an e-brochure. Also known as a Digital Brochure, it is a way of digitally showcasing your business offering on the internet.

But why? Surely people still like to hold a glossy brochure, have something to take home and peruse whilst talking through their options before purchasing your product or service? Well yes, whilst this is true and there is still room for the traditional printed brochure in the marketing sphere, e-brochures offer endless competitive advantage as well as more practical considerations.

Save on Printing Costs

Perhaps the most appealing of these benefits is the cost-cutting potential. Your business could save on marketing budget just by using e-brochures .Take these three compelling reasons for starters:

Cut Printing Costs – you can distribute your brochure via email and have it available to download from your website, meaning you don’t have to have thousands of printed brochures in stock

Storage – you can free up room in your stationery cupboard!

Amends – if you have any amends you can simply make the required changes to your e-brochure and you don’t have to then recycle or bin all of your old printed brochures.

The e-brochure brings your business to a whole new generation of potential clients. Internet users these days expect to be dazzled by the latest technological developments. The real beauty of the e-brochure is that is knows no bounds – it is not restricted by geography. It doesn’t rely on the postal service to reach it’s destination. It can be readily available for your website visitors – with or without a printer, and it can be shared via email within seconds to any part of the world.

What’s more – you can track exactly who is looking at your brochure. If you want to be clever about it, you can ask for basic information from your visitors before they open your e-brochure. There is so much more flexibility available to your marketing by using a simple digital brochure.

It’s a no-brainer surely? Why not try it now for free? Simply upload your existing brochure here (you will need it in PDF format) and we can show you what your e-brochure will look like. Just click here and create your e-brochure now!

If you would prefer to speak to us to find out more about how a brochure could benefit your business, please get in touch and our digital publication experts will gladly talk you through the perks.