The Science of Success – Facebook

The Science of Success – Facebook

A Typical Facebook Ad – A Speedy Overview

  1. Headline – The main title of your Facebook ad that grabs people’s attention! The headline can be a maximum of 250 characters.
  2. Text – A short description about the product or website that is being promoted.
  3. Description – A longer text available, allows you to describe more about your product. Maximum of 250 characters.
  4. Caption – The URL of the domain.
  5. CTA (Call to Action) – A button clearly showing people where they should click.
  6. Image – An enticing/interesting picture related to the product or service.

The Most Popular Headline Length

  1. The most popular Facebook ad headline length is just 5 words long.
  2. These short headlines keep well within the character limit using up just 10% of possible space on average.
  3. Short headlines grab attention and make customers click to find more information.
  4. Benefit-driven language in the headline catches your attention and appeals to the audiences aspirations.
  5. Clear language to tailor directly to the target audience.

The Most Popular Text & Description Length

  1. The description is slightly longer, at 17 words, just 35% of the character limit.
  2. Clear text attracts people to the ad and lets them click through to the site to learn more.
  3. As the description is longer it entices the reader to learn more about the service but still leaves them needing to click through the ad to find out more about the service.
  4. the reader can scan the title, then the post text, before landing on the link description for more detail.
  5. The link description should close the deal and tempt the reader to click through.

The Most Popular Words

  1. You/Your: our brain is activated by hearing or thinking of your own name and ourselves.
  2. Free: this is the ultimate word for any viewer of an ad. Include it in an ad and it’s almost guaranteed to catch the eye.
  3. Now: this creates scarcity in the readers mind and urges them to action.
  4. New: using this word is a great way to show you are offering something fresh.

Audiences are naturally driven to these words. Using these words in ads means you have a natural advantage over all other advertisers.