Tips to Help in Rebranding Your Business

Tips to Help in Rebranding Your Business

Rebranding your company doesn’t come without risk. Yes, you (should) end up with a shiny new logo, new marketing material and maybe even a brand spanking new website, but you do run the risk of losing your already built-up audience.

If you’ve done things correctly, your brand should be recognised within your industry and if you change that, you risk losing the instant recognition from your client base and potential customers.

Rebranding can come in many forms, you could be changing your company name or completely changing the way in which you operate. You must ensure that your business is still able to work to connect with customers.

Here’s five tips to successfully rebrand your business.

Be Clear in Your Reasoning for the rebrand

A rebrand is a huge undertaking, and not a decision that should be taken lightly. Your rebrand is more likely to be a success if you have a clear reason for what you’re doing.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Many businesses end up surprised during a rebrand process as to how complex they can be. For example, if you plan on changing your name, you need to ensure that you can get a domain name to reflect your new company name. You’ll need to employ a graphic designer to work up new logos… the list could go on and on.

Make sure that you’re not tripped up during the rebrand process by having everything laid out and all your team on the same track.

Get Ahead of the Curve

Communication is key. Having a dialogue with your customers during your rebrand keeps them up to date with everything that’s going on. If your rebrand is sprung on your clients with no advance notice, you may lose the trust that people have in your business.

Make it Public

The same as above really, you will benefit from making the news of your rebrand public to your customer base. Utilise your social media accounts and announce your rebrand to explain your reasoning.

You could go even further and ask for your customers opinion on potential new designs for your logo. This will likely open a hornets nest of opinion, but it’ll make your customer base aware of what’s going on.

Put Your Existing Customers First

Being transparent about what’s going on in your business will have many positive advantages for you. The best way to retain the trust your existing customers have in your business is to keep them up to date in everything related to your rebrand.

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