Tips and Tricks of the Trade for Helping you Build Better Websites

Tips and Tricks of the Trade for Helping you Build Better Websites

What’s a web design company doing giving out tips on how to build better websites out for I hear you ask? Well, it’s not because all websites need quality, authoritative content to stay relevant on all the top search engines. Anyway, back to the point! Here’s some tips and tricks to help you build a better website!

Simple, Fresh and Unique

The first impression your website visitors will get of your company is your homepage. MAKE IT COUNT. It’s vital to ensure that you sell yourself on your homepage including who you are, what you do and what makes you better than the next site on Google’s listings.

Your design should be simple, easy to use and most of all unique from all your competitors, so your potential customers know they made the right choice in choosing you.

Size Matters

Yes, it does. You need to consider that people don’t view your website just on a computer anymore. They visit on their phones when they’re on the go or they view it from the comfort of their sofas with a tablet. It’s vital that all the different device sizes are covered when your designing your site.

Showcase Your Products and Services

Your homepage needs to clearly show what your company offers to its customers. You can also benefit from creating a services page on your website and include real or stock photography to ensure that you’re getting your message across in a clear and concise manner.

Loading Times

As in all walks of life, people are impatient. If your website takes an age to load due to large images and uncompressed configuration files, then it’s likely that they’ll leave and move onto the next. Your sites performance needs to be audited on a regular basis to guarantee that it’s performing to the highest possible standard.

User Experience

Keep in mind that when your prospective customers first land on your site, they already have something in their mind that they want to see. You need to summarise what you offer to make you the best in your industry, and make sure that it can be easily seen by all. An organised and clear site has the bones to be a successful one.

Also, keep in mind that your site needs to accessibly friendly. Plan your design accordingly. Don’t make the font too small so people can’t read it, don’t make the images too big that they don’t load and hide relevant content in pages that require three clicks to get there. Have a plan and stick to it.

Content is King

Poorly written content will have a detrimental effect on your website from the start. Make sure that when you’re building your website that you have enough areas for your content to go, and that you have a plan to develop that content.

Don’t Neglect SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is a huge part of your website and shouldn’t just be left until all the nice pictures have been put into place. Ensure that your links have title tags, all your images have title and alt tags and that every single page on your website contains relevant metadata,

So there you have it, some basic tips on what to remember when building your own website! If you need any help or require a more specialist build, then get in touch with us today!