Tips To Transform your Brand into a YouTube Sensation

Tips To Transform your Brand into a YouTube Sensation

YouTube is not just a portal for uploading and viewing video content, it’s an online community. Research shows that YouTube outperforms other social media sites in both time spent on the site and the number of pages per visit.

This means that all brands should be considering how they can utilise YouTube videos to increase brand awareness and engage with potential customers. Just like other social media sites, YouTube offers brands an opportunity to build relationships and spark conversations with users.

It is vital that businesses consider YouTube. Over 100 hours of footage is uploaded on to the platform every minute! This is a great chance to maximise it’s opportunities.

Create appealing content

Simply shooting a video and uploading it on YouTube by default may end up destroying the benefit you could be receiving from your content. Making compelling and interesting content is the best way to attract viewers to your YouTube channel.

Focus on keeping your content consumer-centric and keep the brand message in the background. Videos that are emotionally captivating, unique, entertaining or useful are more likeable and share-worthy. As consumers enjoy your content they will be encouraged to show the video to others, accelerating the virality of your videos and subscribing to your business page.


This will be your video’s headline, so make sure it’s compelling. Keep keywords at the start and branding at the end.

Avoid using a title that misrepresents your content. Tricking users into watching your videos will negatively impact both rankings and watch-time performance.


Only the first few sentences of your description will be displayed in the search results. Even though only a few sentences will be displayed in results this doesn’t mean you have to be stingy. Be as precise and keyword rich as possible, without keyword stuffing, make it relevant to your video and what the prospects are likely to be looking at.

You can also include links to related videos, your channel, your main website and your social media presence to increase user engagement.

Use YouTube’s free analytics tools for insights into your videos

It’s no good posting videos on YouTube and then forgetting about them. YouTube offers a suite of powerful analytics tools that can help you gather information on a single video as well as your channel as a whole.

By analysing your viewership, traffic sources, watch-time and other helpful information YouTube analytics provides, you will be able to assess which types of content resonate well with your target audience. This knowledge will help you to reproduce your successes as well as highlighting unsuccessful techniques.

As YouTube’s analytics tools are free, there’s no excuse not to monitor the performance of your videos!

By creating compelling and engaging content that is well optimised will help your brand to connect with potential customers and drive sales and conversion opportunities. Although success may not come over night, consistently creating great content can make your brand a YouTube superstar.