Visual Tools That Create Killer Social Media Images

Here are a few of Give The Dog A Bones ‘hot picks’ to ensure you produce killer social media images and videos!

  • It takes 13 milliseconds for the typical Facebook user to process an image.
  • Prospects are 44% more likely to engage with images.

In 2005 LinkedIn was nearly all text, now in 2016 it is almost completely visual.



Software Cheat MUSTS:

  1. Canva for work: $10 per month, can share work and comment on it with your team. It also allows you to organise everything into folders, ideal for creating quick, simple adverts to post on your social media channels. Additionally this has a magic ‘resize’ button which allows you to adjust photos and documents to the correct size for any social media channel. Take a look on Canva for Work.
  2. Relay (Computer Software): Perfect for quick and easy social media ads, Relay will automatically and instantly resize documents for your social media channels with a single click. Allows you to select your owns themes, colours and images for adverts. Click here for your 2 week free trial!
  3. Studio (Computer Software): Add beautiful layers to your photos and share your creativity with social media and businesses all from your phone! Let Studio help you create things you never thought you could with the power of Remixing, adding shapes, colours, text and lots more to images. Download the app.
  4. Hyperlapse: enables you to speed up videos, allows you to get a lot more in a video in 30 seconds. This runs alongside Instagram allowing you to add effects to improve the appearance of the video. Test out the app here!
  5. Typorama: Typorama automatically transforms your text and photos into beautiful typographic designs. No designer? No problem simply take an image and add text and graphics in a few clicks.
  6. Videolicious: Empower your team to make great videos. Videolicious is a faster, easier way to create videos, adds branding in automatically. All you need is the software, images and you’re good to go, even employees with no experience can give this a go it’s that easy!

For more inspiration follow each of our recommendations above on Instagram, these show off what is possible with the software and how you can maximise your usage!