Web Design Essentials Every Business needs in 2016

Web Design Essentials Every Business needs in 2016

Your website is perhaps the most powerful tool your business has. With more and more people exclusively using their site to attract new customers, close deals and advertise their company, it is vital that every competitive company makes sure their web presence is aesthetically pleasing, optimised for the user and a real endorsement of the company it represents.

Here are a few ‘must haves’ for your web design in 2016.

Be mobile ready

In 2014,  Google announced that it now responds to more mobile searches than desktop worldwide. Having a mobile responsive website is crucial to minimising bounce rates and keeping users on your site. There are several free resources that you can use to regularly check how your site appears on different devices; with sites like Am I Responsive? and Screenfly, you simply copy and paste your URL and the tool presents your website on the screens of a variety of devices, making it easy to see your brand through your users’ eyes.

Image is everything

Good imagery is one of the most important elements to a great website, yet it is often overlooked. Stock photos are the go-to but their generic nature can often put users off a brand because they lack authenticity. However, the biggest problem with stock photography is the lack of control and knowledge of how many other brands have used the same image. Creating your own bespoke imagery means you have visual resources that actually reflect your brand because they have been directed by you.

In 2015 the online arena saw the increasing rise of hero photos and video, this is where the visuals occupy the entire width of the screen. Large visual content helps illustrate your brand story from the minute a user lands on your page. This can help keep their attention for slightly longer, and really allow you to convey the look and feel, giving your brand a better opportunity to showcase products and ultimately boost conversions.