Why Does My Business Need Google AdWords?

Why Does My Business Need Google AdWords?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Google AdWords – the two go hand in hand.

When a prospective customer is looking for a product, service, promotion, or anything from anywhere in the world, they’re likely to search for it on Google. By using Google AdWords – it will get you found.

For a small business, Google AdWords can be a hugely practical and successful method of driving traffic, marketing your product and ultimately getting increased sales.

Google AdWords enables you to reach your customer when they want something you provide/sell, no matter what

Any business, regardless of size, wants to be found on the first page of Google (top 10 positions). Getting seen by customers at the exact time they are looking for your information, product and services is profitable.

But as a small business hoping to organically get on the top ten search results, you have to understand that you’re competing with career-long, experienced, SEO experts.

With Google AdWords you can compete on the same level, no matter how long you’ve been around or you own expertise. You can make sure that your message/offer is viewed by your market, exactly when they’re searching for your specific product, service or offers.

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Google AdWords enables you to reach your local customers

AdWords gives you location targeting options. So if you’re a locally based business, such as a restaurant, a regional company or even an e-commerce site, you can geo-target to get seen by your customers. Even better you will not be wasting money on the who aren’t in your area.

AdWords enables you to easily target countries, areas within a country and a postcode area within there. You can also exclude locations too, even areas within the area you are targeting.

You can also target by demographics such as income level. So, if you’re selling luxury goods you can target the top 10% income earners in your chosen areas.

Google AdWords enables you to show your contact information

Once you are ranking in positions 1 and 2 ad extensions let small businesses enhance their Google AdWords with phone numbers, addresses, app downloads, site landing page links and reviews.

While ad extensions doesn’t cost anything more to include in your ad you are charged the same for a click on them as you are for your headline.

Google adwords enables you to allow you to target highly specific searches

Keywords. This is what Google AdWords is known for.

The more targeted your keywords are the better Google will rank your ad. You’ll also reach a lot more consumers who want exactly what you have.

Use the opportunity to think about what your customers want/like, and choose words they’re searching for. You can set up different key phrases for each of your ad group campaigns. And you can change your words at any time.

Google Adwords enables you to follow you customers with retargeting

Everyone will have seen it, I’m sure. You visit a site have a browse, and then leave. But then you keep seeing ads for the company, or even the products you’ve looked at when you go on you web browser again. Thats retargeting.

With Google AdWords, if an interested customer has visited your website, they get a cookie from a code you’ve put on the backend of your site. When they leave, you can target your ads to follow them on Google search.

You pay extra however it really works, and increases sales. If they were interested enough in your site to begin with, you can get seen by them again.. and then again, while your business is still at the front of their mind.

Google adwords enables you to reach youR mobile customer where they are

Your customer might be right outside your door when they are searching for your products/service.

Google AdWords gives you loads of mobile optimisation options and allow you to target with both text ads and image ads.

Your customer might be looking for a particular product/service you offer when they are walking through the area you are based. They search for places nearby and your mobile advert shows up first. You get a new customer in your door, just like that.

In your campaign settings, you can leave your devices to default of ‘all’. This targets all types of devices. If you want to target more heavily on mobile users you have the option to do this.

Google Adwords enable you to get measured results

Google AdWords gives you tons of customisable options to track and measure all of your campaigns in one dashboard.

You can set and track your own goals for:

  • ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Traffic to your Website
  • Brand Awareness
  • Sales and Conversions

You can also measure the results of each of your Google AdWords within your ad group:

  • What keywords are performing the best
  • What headlines get the best click-through-rate
  • The times your ads are best performing

You can also connect you website to Google Analytics in order to see what pages your ad traffic is visiting within your site.

Google Adwords enables you to control your own budget 

With Google AdWords you can set your own budget for each ad you run – and you can change it whenever you want.

If an advert is performing really well you can increase your results by increasing your ad spend. If it is underperforming (low click throughs and low reach) decrease ad spend or stop it.

Start at between £30-£50 per day. When your ad is live, track it to measure your results. Adjust your budget based on your ads ROI or whatever your particular objectives are for your campaign.


Google AdWords is consistently seen as one of the best ways to reach your prospective customer, drive traffic to your business, and ultimately increase sales.

Before you embark on getting yourself involved in Google AdWords ensure that you know what you are doing, so education is key. Read lots of guides. Once you have set up a Google account these help guides will instantly become available to you.