Why is Content Marketing Important?

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Why you should be doing content marketing for your business!

Increased Organic Visibility & Traffic

Content helps to build organic visibility, both directly by appearing for long tail searches and indirectly by supporting the primary category, service and product level pages with supplementary information around niche topics.

Nowadays, it is common to see sites drive more than half of their organic traffic from content orientated pages as opposed to category and service pages and even the homepage.

Demonstrate Creditability to Audiences

Credibility plays a significant role in driving website conversions.

Testimonials and reviews are simple content formats that are great to get this message across and provide that social proof which instils confidence in users.

Excelling with your content marketing can also help to establish the company as an expert in their chosen sector or vertical. The knowledge and expertise of those involved in the business needs to be communicated through your site, and content is the perfect vehicle for this.

Demonstrate Creditability to Search Engines

It is not only users that value credibility, but search engines also do too and that is why they look to reward those companies who can demonstrate their expertise, authority and trustworthiness through their site, through the use of keywords and genuine content.

Content Works Long After Publishing

Whilst some content pieces are time sensitive and have a natural decay in terms of relevance and interest, evergreen content remains out there in Google’s index, potentially pulling in new visitors to the site month after month with little or no further effort required.

Evergreen content is content that remains relevant for an extended period of time, such as “how to…” guides, support resources and content that answers users’ questions.

An additional advantage of this evergreen content is that it means you don’t always have to be crafting new content week after week. There can be huge value in revisiting evergreen pieces to update, expand upon and republish to ensure it’s still accurate and relevant for new users.

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