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Want more effective Google advertising? Try Adword Training

Heard of Google Adwords training?

Google Adwords training can help convert clicks on your website into sales for a minimum outlay.

Creating Google Adwords can make significant impact on your website’s performance. Best of all, learning how to use effective Google Adwords in order to achieve effective Google advertising is affordable and time-efficient – ideal for small businesses.

Our courses demonstrate how creating Google Adwords can revolutionise your business and make your website more than pay for itself. We also offer pay per click training for help creating pay per click campaigns.

Pay per click training from Give the Dog a Bone is simple, and gives you greater control over your ad campaign activity – enabling you to reach your target market quickly and high quality sales leads.

How does effective Google advertising work?

Using keywords (Google Adwords) you create your advert
When someone types into Google using your keywords, your ad may appear
Someone can simply click on your ad to connect to your site

Upon completion of your pay per click training, your pay per click campaigns will attract new business and enable you to monitor exactly which activity is the successful.

  • Creating Google Adwords
    Our Google Adwords training will have you creating Google Adwords within the space of a day. And if you can use Word then you’re capable of creating Google Adwords.
  • More effective Google advertising.
    Remember, effective Google Adwords make for effective Google advertising. Our Google Adwords training comprises of day courses that reveal how just three lines of carefully constructed text (that form effective Google Adwords) can help you achieve measurable online success.
  • Pay per click training
    With pay per click campaigns, you are only charged if people click on your adverts. Pay per click training from Give the Dog a Bone reveals how pay per click campaigns can use your entire budget to attract new business.
  • Stay in control with effective Google Adwords
    Our Google Adwords training will also show you how to edit your adverts and tweak your budget according to the results you are achieving and those you are aiming for. Google Adwords training will also show you the variety of ad formats you can use and help you target your messages to be geographically relevant, reaching local audiences.
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