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All About Me

What we were asked to do

All About Me have been with us as clients for a number of years. They initially came to us for a website, but as the years have gone on, we've developed much more for them.

They started with a basic website idea, that went on to grow and grow, and they ended up with a large website full of information about them and their business. Earlier this year, to coincide with the change in the Google ranking system, All About Me decided that they wanted to update their website to a responsive system.

We managed to include much more information, and bring it closer to the client by displaying the all important aspects on their home page including services, product types, and meet the team.

We've not only worked on their website, but we've also produced many different items for them in recent years, including their logo, business cards and letterheads.

Project Details

All About Me

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Branding / Creative

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