Electronic Brochures in Cheshire

Digital Brochures? Electronic brochures? eBooks? Whatever you call them - we do them!

Enable you to reduce your print, postage and distribution costs and mean customers can browse your products online whenever they want to.

Instead of its traditional hard copy counterpart, en eBook will increase your audience globally, enabling you to access a far wider customer base.

Why opt for an eBook?

Electronic brochures or eBrochures created by Give the Dog a Bone can incorporate video clips, audio, and flash graphics for maximum impact. eBrochures or electronic brochures also have the advantage of being easily updated and edited – never going out of date.

Our eBrochures can cut the cost of traditional print by hundreds or thousands of pounds depending on the distribution size. An eBook lets you respond instantly to requests for more details. And electronic brochures enable customers to order on the spot, online.

Travel, retail, property, training… whatever your sector may be, the eBook is the way forwards. Give the Dog a Bone can create your electronic brochures to look and feel better than a glossy catalogue and they can be distributed on line or as CD ROM format.

Our eBrochures service covers all aspects of design, production and distribution. If you want to cut costs and utilise cutting edge technology to promote your business.