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Are you looking for a local SEO consultant to help you with your website rankings?

We specialise in search engine optimisation (SEO) to help our your website rank at the first page of Google for your chosen keywords.

Why do you need a Give The Dog a Bone SEO Consultant?

SEO is something that business owners often struggle to find time to dedicate to.

Having a website that can be read easily by search engines and appears in search engine rankings for your chosen keywords is one of the most powerful marketing techniques available.

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Local SEO Consultants

Begin with search engine optimisation

Simply building a website, putting it live and expecting it to show at the top of rankings in the search engines just does not happen.

It is great to have relevant key terms on your website, this aids on-page optimisation and is what the search engines use to establish the most relevant content to display to the user searching for your particular service/product. This means that your website must harness up-to-date approaches to get your website seen.

What we do

In an effort to achieve great search positions for your business we always consider on-page ranking factors such as content and keywords, as well all elements presented below:

  • Loading time: Search engines are unlikely to entertain a website that is slow to load. As this delivers a poor user experience, the faster the load time, the better.
  • Concise information: The correct content encourages potential customers to visit your site due to the content being relevant to what they are looking for. We will craft relevant and enticing content that catches their eye.
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  • Responsiveness: Search engines place importance on the way a website performs on mobile devices. Therefore it must offer mobile and tablet users a slick experience.
  • Engaging content: The content must read well and so that the search engines can interpret it appropriately and encourage readers to delve deeper into your site.
  • Keyword research: Give The Dog a Bone will research and find the relevant keywords and phrases that individuals use to search for solutions to their problem. Then use these to attract them to your site.