How it started...

Accident Credit Group specialises in funding the insurance claims industry. Eager to enhance their brand visibility, they turned to us for some marketing expertise. Despite having a logo, they needed additional materials to make their brand truly stand out.

Our first step was establishing brand guidelines – essentially a set of rules defining how their brand should appear and feel. We carefully selected stylish fonts, colours, and images that would consistently represent them both online and in print. With these guidelines in place, we proceeded to work on their website.

The website was intentionally kept simple. We aimed to avoid overwhelming visitors with too much information, prioritising a comfortable browsing experience. Our goal was to encourage potential clients to feel at ease and pick up the phone to enquire about what Accident Credit Group had to offer.

Once the website was live, we shifted our focus to crafting ads and handouts. We designed a clear and concise brochure to ensure easy comprehension. The objective was to convey the message that Accident Credit Group 'do things differently...'.

Accident Credit Group | Bespoke Web Design
Accident Credit Group | Brochure Design

The journey so far...

Our collaboration with Accident Credit Group remains robust. We've created ads and leaflets for various publications, both online and in print. Additionally, we've produced significant artwork and pop-up stands for a range of exhibitions. Our commitment is to ensure that Accident Credit Group is not only recognised but also remembered in the insurance claims industry.

What we've created for Accident Credit Group...

Marketing Services
Website Development
Website Hosting
Digital Marketing
Business Stationery
Exhibition Stands & Design
Brochure Design
Accident Credit Group | A Board Style Design
Accident Credit Group | Magazine, Newspaper Advert
Accident Credit Group | Responsive Web Design
Accident Credit Group | Brand Guidelines