How it started...

Give the Dog a Bone was approached by The CGI Guys following their relocation from Whitegate, Northwich, to Tarporley. The impetus for seeking our assistance stemmed from their realisation that their current online presence, a dated Wordpress website developed by an internal employee, no longer met the evolving needs of their expanding business.

Recognising the importance of a more robust online platform to effectively showcase their services to potential clients, The CGI Guys enlisted our expertise in crafting a cutting-edge website. The inadequacy of their current branding, also handled in-house, prompted them to seek comprehensive assistance in redefining their identity and establishing a more cohesive and professional image.

In addition to overhauling their website, The CGI Guys expressed a desire to revamp their overall branding strategy. They envisioned a comprehensive suite of marketing materials that would not only elevate their traditional marketing efforts but also establish a formidable presence in the digital realm. This marked their foray into both conventional and online marketing avenues, reflecting a strategic shift in their promotional approach.

At the core of their aspirations was the creation of a new, consistent brand identity that could seamlessly translate across various mediums. Beyond the visual aspects, they sought to redefine their company's vision and mission through this comprehensive rebranding initiative. The objective was to establish a unified and compelling narrative that would resonate with their target audience.

Give The Dog a Bone: Graphic Design Tarporley
Give The Dog a Bone: Web Design Tarporley

The journey so far...

We meticulously designed and developed a state-of-the-art website for The CGI Guys, incorporating a robust content management system. This dynamic feature empowers them to seamlessly add and showcase their latest projects, yielding instant and impactful results. The user-friendly interface facilitates easy sharing of these projects across various relevant social media platforms, enhancing their online visibility.

Through collaborative discussions, we embarked on a journey to redefine The CGI Guys' visual identity. This process culminated in the creation of a brand-new logo and a carefully curated colour palette, strategically positioning them as industry leaders. This refreshed branding not only enhances their professional image but also contributes to their overall credibility in the competitive market.

Moving beyond the digital realm, we formulated a comprehensive marketing strategy encompassing both traditional and digital channels. Through in-depth consultations, we identified key messages and treatments to be emphasised in local and national marketing efforts. To streamline their social media presence, we designed templates, enabling them to effortlessly share updates with their expanding audience.

Our support extended beyond the virtual landscape, as we collaborated with The CGI Guys to enhance their physical presence. This included the design and implementation of uniforms for their staff, aligning with their refreshed brand image. Additionally, we contributed to their email marketing initiatives, ensuring a consistent and impactful communication strategy.

Completing the comprehensive overhaul, we revisited and revitalised all aspects of their business stationery, reinforcing a cohesive and professional brand identity across various touchpoints. Our dedication to elevating every facet of The CGI Guys' branding and marketing efforts reflects our commitment to propelling them to the forefront of their industry.

What we've created for The CGI Guys...

Marketing Services
Business Support & Consultancy
Website Development
Web Systems
Website Hosting
Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Social Media
Email Marketing
Copywriting Services
Logo & Brand Design
Business Stationery
Printed Materials
Give The Dog a Bone: Web Design Tarporley
Give The Dog a Bone: Social Media Marketing Tarporley
Give The Dog a Bone: Logo & Brand Design Tarporley
Give The Dog a Bone: Graphic Design Tarporley
Give The Dog a Bone: Business Stationery Tarporley

I am thrilled to share my experience working with Give the Dog a Bone for the development of my brand and website. From start to finish, their exceptional expertise and dedication to excellence truly exceeded my expectations. They have undoubtedly proven themselves as an outstanding marketing agency. 

Steve | The CGI Guys