How it started...

Give the Dog a Bone were approached by Eleanor Charles Homes as they had a need for branding and a website to display the homes that they had for sale and to market their business in the local area. Eleanor Charles Homes had seen a selection of work we'd completed for a mutual customer, and loved the direction that we'd been able to take their business. 

Once we all managed to get together, the initial conversations revolved around their need for a website but as the discussions developed further, Eleanor Charles Homes realised that they wanted to take the relationship to the next level and Give The Dog a Bone became the marketing department for the business.

Once work started on the project, Eleanor Charles Homes realised that they were going to need more from Give the Dog a Bone than just branding and a website. As we'd been appointed as the marketing department, we started to work on a range of business stationery, brochure and interactive documents to help them with the running of their business and Give the Dog a Bone started to market their business throughout the UK to attract buyers to their prestigious homes. 

Eleanor Charles Homes | Social Media, Instagram
Eleanor Charles Homes | Branded Uniforms

The journey so far...

The journey that Give the Dog a Bone and Eleanor Charles Homes have gone on together can only be considered a success. In late 2021, Eleanor Charles Homes had a complete rebrand completed by Give the Dog a Bone, the second in our time working together. Eleanor Charles Homes have gone from strength to strength and wanted their new brand to reflect the elegant, classy homes that they build. 

Give the Dog a Bone helped them portray themselves through their new brand and carried that branding through to a brand new, fully responsive, mobile first website. For the first time, Eleanor Charles Homes website has full details of all the current developments and developments of both the past and the future. 

The website also has full details of all the properties currently on the market with Eleanor Charles Homes. This section of the website has been so successful that Eleanor Charles Homes have been able to sell the majority of their properties with the need for an agent. 

In addition to the updated branding and the new website we've created numerous marketing brochures, both printed and interactive, leaflets and advertisements.

Eleanor Charles Homes wanted their brand to be recognised locally around all of their developments, so Give the Dog a Bone helped to create branded uniform for all of their employees to wear both on and off site to help spread the name of the company. Give the Dog a Bone have also created numerous pieces of signage for all of their developments, helping them to create a standing in all of the communities that the developments are placed in. 

Furthermore, Give the Dog a Bone handle and manage all of the social media activity for Eleanor Charles Homes including writing and managing all of their blog activity, compiling and composing all of their Instagram posts and managing all of their other social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 

What we've created for Eleanor Charles Homes...

Marketing Services
Business Support & Consultancy
Website Development
Website Hosting
Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Social Media
Interactive Forms
Copywriting Services
Video Production
Logo & Brand Design
Business Stationery
Brochure Design
Printed Materials
Telephone Answering
Eleanor Charles Homes | Forms, Interactive Forms
Eleanor Charles Homes | Brochure Design, Print
Eleanor Charles Homes | Web Design, Responsive Web Design

Give the Dog a Bone has played a pivotal part in helping Eleanor Charles Homes launch their brand into the world. With a clear vision from the design team on how they felt the brand should be perceived, we've gone from strength to strength and have only had positive feedback from our customers about the material that Give the Dog a Bone has produced.

Mark | Eleanor Charles Homes