How it started...

Intertechnic are a privately owned business specialising in delivering comprehensive services to the automotive market. They approached us to create their new website and wanted to highlight their unique focus on the fleet sector. With a commitment to excellence, they were looking for a website that would not only showcase their diverse range of services but also provide a user-friendly platform for their clients.

After a relaxed meeting where we listened carefully and took time to understand the client's goals, our web design team embarked on a journey to create a website that resonated with the automotive industry's dynamic nature.

Our web design company successfully delivered a website that not only met the client's expectations but also exceeded them. The collaboration not only enhanced the company's online presence but also positioned them as a leader in delivering top-notch services within the competitive automotive fleet sector.

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The journey so far...

We later reconnected with Intertechnic again when they approached us to create a bespoke online portal. The aim of the portal was to give their drivers and staff members a one-stop easily accessible resource centre to assist them with exceeding at their daily tasks. The system was built to ensure employees would be able to quickly access important industry information and also view time sensitive news and articles via the notifications functionality.

The system was created so the resources could easily be uploaded and accessed on the move and was primarily developed with the use of tablet devices being the main focus. This allows travelling drivers to ensure they are up to date with any industry or company developments at all times.

What we've created for Intertechnic...

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Give the Dog a Bone did an amazing job creating our website. The site is easy to use, looks great, and has really boosted our online presence. Their dedication to making a website that works well on all devices has made our users happier and more satisfied. On top of that, they built a bespoke online portal for us to communicate with our staff. It's a game-changer for our organisation that makes communication smoother and does exactly what we need. Everyone we have dealt with at GTDAB are an absolute pleasure!

Steve | Intertechnic