How it started...

Back in 2013, we met up with Dale Jones Kitchens when they were just starting out in the kitchen industry. Dale popped into our office, we had a chat about his needs, and together we brainstormed how to make his mark in Bolton. Our first move was creating a sleek logo, signaling a modern, forward-thinking company. We aimed for simplicity, making it a symbol of quality and value for the folks in Greater Manchester.

Once the logo got the green light, we strategised on how to boost the company's online presence within its tight budget. We built a brochure-style website with a gallery to showcase their work. To enhance visibility, we created targeted, search engine-optimized pages focusing on specific areas and keywords. This approach helped grow into a noteworthy kitchen company in Bolton and nearby areas.

Dale Jones Kitchens | Logo Design
Dale Jones Kitchens | Responsive Web Design

The journey so far...

Fast forward to 2022, we reconnected with Dale for the next chapter. The website needed a refresh, and the spotlight was on mobile-friendliness. The services offered by the company had also evolved and needed to be incorporated in to the new version. Dale was happy with the website's overall feel and was keen on keeping costs under control. Remaining true to the original design, we seamlessly adapted the content into a responsive framework. Despite these refinements, the website retained its efficacy in attracting new clients and keeping existing ones satisfied. The new website not only sustained its space in the kitchen industry but also managed to strike a balance between affordability and user-friendliness.

Starting from a small business in 2013 and growing into a successful one in 2022 shows how well we worked together. Our ability to adjust to the changing digital world was a big part of this success. Our long-lasting partnership with Dale Jones Kitchens shows how using smart ideas, careful planning, and dealing with digital challenges is one of our strengths. Reflecting on this significant journey highlights our commitment to not just helping businesses start but also supporting them as they grow and thrive over the years.

What we've created for Dale Jones Kitchens...

Website Development
Website Hosting
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Copywriting Services
Logo & Brand Design
Dale Jones Kitchens | Bespoke Web Design
Dale Jones Kitchens | Logo Design
Dale Jones Kitchens | Mobile Friendly Web Design