How it started...

Lewis Rodgers has been a valued client of ours for many years. Our partnership began in 2012 when we revamped their outdated website into a sleek, modern design supported by a user-friendly content management system. The success of the new website contributed to their continued growth and enhanced their presence in the towns and surrounding areas where their offices are located.

In 2015, we reconnected with Lewis Rodgers and took the opportunity to make their website mobile-friendly and responsive. During this update, we also suggested adding a "Meet the Team" page to strengthen their practice's image. The team visited our office, allowing us to capture professional uniform shots with our in-house photographer.

Once again, the updated website effectively showcased Lewis Rodgers' high-quality service, providing easy access to information about their specialised areas.

Lewis Rodgers Solicitors | Web Design | Hosting
Lewis Rodgers Solicitors | Web Design | Hosting

The journey so far...

Fast forward seven years, and although the website still had a fresh look and delivered the impact they desired, technological advancements prompted another upgrade. After a virtual meeting with Lewis Rodgers' Managing Directors, we decided to maintain the website's look and feel but rewrite it using an updated framework and content management system.

Taking the evolving technology as a focal point, we opted for Drupal 9. This choice not only gave the website a contemporary feel but also provided the flexibility to migrate to Drupal 10 in early 2024 without incurring significant costs for Lewis Rodgers. This ensures the website remains functional, secure, and future-proof for their needs.

What we've created for Lewis Rodgers Solicitors...

Website Development
Website Hosting
Lewis Rodgers Solicitors | Bespoke Responsive Web Design
Lewis Rodgers Solicitors | Bespoke Mobile Friendly Web Design

I am extremely pleased with the outstanding service provided by Give the Dog a Bone. From our initial website to our most recent, the entire process has been seamless and efficient. The team at Give the Dog a Bone demonstrated a remarkable understanding of our vision and business needs, translating them into a stunning, functional website.

Lauren | Lewis Rodgers