How it started...

The collaboration between The Ship at Lathom and Give the Dog a Bone originated from a shared goal to rejuvenate the former's online presence. Initially approached by a perceptive business associate, the need for a website overhaul became apparent, as the existing platform failed to capture the inviting essence of The Ship at Lathom.

Recognising this gap, Give the Dog a Bone emerged as the solution to breathe new life into their digital representation.

Upon engaging in preliminary discussions, it was collectively decided that Give the Dog a Bone would spearhead the development of a cutting-edge, mobile-responsive website.

This strategic move aimed not only to modernise the online experience but also to propel The Ship at Lathom into a new era of connectivity and customer engagement.

Renowned as a quintessential 'Great British Pub,' The Ship at Lathom takes pride in offering a diverse selection of real ales, premium lagers, stouts, and an array of fine wines and spirits, including a carefully curated range of malt whiskies. The cosy atmosphere, complete with real fires and log-burning stoves, sets the stage for memorable experiences.

Give The Dog a Bone: Web Design Ormskirk | The Ship at Lathom
Give The Dog a Bone: Web Design Ormskirk | The Ship at Lathom

The journey so far...

Fast forward to the present, and The Ship at Lathom's website has undergone its third iteration, with the latest version unveiled in the early months of 2022. This fully mobile-responsive website boasts a contemporary and fresh design, complemented by a robust content management system.

This system empowers The Ship at Lathom to keep patrons well-informed with the latest news, while also facilitating seamless updates to the online menus.

In addition to showcasing the delectable offerings available at The Ship at Lathom, the website serves as a dynamic hub for customers to stay abreast of ongoing events and developments. Its integration with social media accounts ensures a streamlined flow of information, providing clear and concise details about the vibrant activities transpiring at The Ship.

As The Ship at Lathom continues to evolve and adapt, its online presence mirrors its commitment to warmth, hospitality, and the timeless charm of a traditional British pub.

What we've created for The Ship at Lathom...

Website Development
Web Systems
Website Hosting
Give The Dog a Bone: Web Design Ormskirk | The Ship at Lathom
Give The Dog a Bone: Web Design Ormskirk | The Ship at Lathom
Give The Dog a Bone: Web Design Ormskirk | The Ship at Lathom

We are absolutely thrilled with the exceptional service and creativity provided by Give the Dog a Bone in building our website for The Ship at Lathom. From the initial consultation to the final launch, the team demonstrated unparalleled professionalism, technical expertise, and a keen understanding of our vision

Dan | The Ship at Lathom