PMJ Capital

Web Development, Digital Publishing, Branding and Creative Design
Web Development, Digital Publishing, Branding and Creative Design
What we were asked to do...

Initially, we worked with PMJ on their brochure redesign, trying to present the company in a different way than their competitors in a corporate business sector. Our goal was to create a crisp, fresh brochure for them to present.

Our relationship developed further once we'd completed the brochure, and PMJ instructed us to follow the same design approach for their website. Their website felt dated and needlessly cumbersome, so we stripped out the content and took to recreating the website in a responsive framework, taking lead from the brochure design that we'd already completed.

During the website build, we decided that it would be beneficial for them to move their business documentation into the website whilst and making it interactive at the same time, so we designed and created a whole new section for them, giving their clients ease of access to this interactive documentation.

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